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Why should you use panty liners daily?

Have you heard of panty liners? If not, let me tell you they are THE DEAL right now! The concept is fairly new to us in India but the acceptance due to the wide array of benefits has so far been absolutely amazing. Now if you’re wondering what a panty liner is, let us dive a little into the details. Pantyliners are akin to any regular sanitary pads that we have seen and worn, only much smaller and thinner. Pantyliners are small absorbent pads that women mostly wear almost every day inside their underpants just before their periods are about to begin so that liners absorb any blood in case your period begins. As they have gained popularity in recent years and people have come to know their other uses and how versatile they can be, they are often worn every day by many women to absorb any vaginal discharge on a daily basis.

What primarily differentiates the two is their primary uses. A Sanitary pad is used only while we’re on our periods to soak all the blood. A panty liner has not just one or two but many usages. Let us look at those, one by one.

  1. Every Day Vaginal Discharge Absorption: There is often a whitish discharge in our underpants every day. It is due to discharge from our vagina when we are off our periods. This is especially prominent in teenagers and young adults although women across various cohorts experience it. Panty liners can come in handy very well as they can absorb this discharge instead of its presence in our panties.
  2. Underpants Spotting: There is bleeding from our vagina at times even outside of our menstrual cycles. These instances can take us by surprise since we’re obviously underprepared due to which we stand to have lasting spots on our favourite or expensive pants and trousers. Wearing panty liners can help us be prepared for the same and avoid us from ruining our favourite clothes.
  3. To Prevent Any Stains with Menstrual Cups or Tampons: Even though menstrual cups and tampons do their job in an absolutely immaculate manner, due to being slightly misplaced or inability to void or change them can lead to spotting of our underpants. Wearing a panty liner when we are on our period can help us avoid this situation very easily and save our pants and garments from any spots.
  4. Spotting Pre and Post Menstrual Cycle: Often we cannot tell if our period is about to occur and go outside unprepared. Infact even after our period gets over, it happens that we get spots in our underpants a few days later as well.  Wearing a pad can be tedious if we have to at all times even before and after but wearing panty liners is an absolute no brainer in such situations.
  5. Camel Toes: If you are one of those who absolutely love wearing leggings and sweat pants, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise when there is often always a camel toe that highlights the shape of your vulva due to the sticking of the skin into a place. By wearing panty liners, you can absolutely completely hide your camel toe by giving a much more seamless look.
  6. Discharge Post Coitus: There is often a discharge after coitus. If you wear a panty liner in your underpants, you can maintain hygiene and prevents any discharge from accumulating in your panties.
  7. Involuntary Urinal Discharge: There can be severe medical conditions like for the patients with diabetes or even in general when some of us lose control of our bladder involuntarily. Such leakages can be very easily absorbed by panty liners and hence, perfectly take care of your troubles.
  8. Avoid Those Sweat Patches: Shocking, isn’t it? Well,we often see sweat patches appearing in various parts of our body like the underarm region. Sweat patches can often come off if there is excessive sweating. The proper adhesive of panty liners with its wings structure and excellent absorption properties can perfectly take care of the excess sweat situation.

Now that we have explored the vast range of usage and benefits that come with panty liners. However, there is also a word of caution for us who use it regularly and you should absolutely swear by these:

  • Do not forget to change your pad every few hours. Consistently wearing the same pad for prolonged periods of time can cause bacterial and fungal infections in your intimate regions, the most common one being yeast infection and other issues like itching or a burning sensation.
  • Do not use panty liners as a substitute for sanitary pads during periods because, despite their high absorption capacity, they are way too small to hold and absorb the quantity of blood that is there during our periods.
  • Try to remove your panty liner while sleeping because that can give your skin some time to breathe and hence maintain a basic hygiene level as well as avoid any severe medical conditions.
  • Try to use organic panty liners over any synthetic or highly scented ones because these chemicals upon contact with your sensitive intimate areas can end up irritating the skin or causing any severe infections.

While we are at the point of what and whatnot, why not discuss the best possible options available for the same? Hi Life Organic panty liners are certainly one of their kind as, like sanitary pads, they too have wings. They are 100% organic and made up of cotton which is sourced from Texas. Their bottom is the micro-perforated bottom which is made of air-laid technology which makes it absolutely breathable for your skin. It facilitates locking in all the moisture that makes you feel fresh all day long. It is feather-soft and ultra-thin which makes it fit to be worn all day, every day! Lastly, it is 100% organic and biodegradable.

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