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Why should you use Organic Pads?

There is a better way of staying clean and comfortable during that time of the month. There are significant personal and environmental benefits of using organic cotton sanitary pads. 


Organic cotton pads for periods save you from exposure to harmful chemicals present in regular sanitary products like dioxins, compounds associated with a higher cancer risk, hormone issues, weakened immune system, developmental problems and reproductive issues such as endometriosis, painful periods and even infertility.   

Not merely safe for you, the biodegradable sanitary pads online make a serious positive impact on the health of the planet too. The non-biodegradable menstrual waste ends up staying in landfills for up to 800 years. 


Unlike synthetic pads, organic cotton sanitary pads allow the skin to breathe while keeping you dry, which lowers your risk of bacterial and fungal infections. These organic pads are also considered to be the best sanitary pads for heavy flow.


Soft pads for periods feel good on the skin, cause no discomfort while keeping you safe and secure all day, even overnight. On the other hand, synthetic pads made of plastic feel rough against the skin and cause itching & rashes.  Order the Hi Life cotton pads for periods, that are rash free sanitary pads and are made of 100% organic cotton produced in chemical-free soil, sourced responsibly & ethically from Texas, conforming to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), thoughtfully designed to support every body, during period days & nights, for all kinds of flow: heavy, medium, or low. Make a difference. Feel the difference. 

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