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Why Organic Pads Are Better For You

If you use sanitary pads during your period days and have always used mainstream pads available in the market, we’re here to tell you that organic pads are worth exploring and might change your perspective entirely. But firstly, what are organic pads? Organic sanitary pads have an organic plant-based top cover and are free from any plastics, chlorine, latex, rayon, chemical additives, or even dyes. Here’s why they’re better for you than the synthetic pads available in the market.

1. Organic Pads Are Better For Your Vagina
Most mainstream brands mass-produce synthetic pads that might contain chemicals called dioxins that are present because of the bleaching process which is used to treat the synthetic material to make the pad look white. Coming in contact with chemicals like these can be highly dangerous. In fact, WHO or World Health Organization has said that dioxins can also cause hormone issues, affect the immune system, and also impact the reproductive system and are linked with conditions like endometriosis, painful periods, and even infertility. When one uses menstrual pads with dioxins, the semi-porous vaginal membrane can absorb these hazardous chemicals and subsequently transfer them into your bloodstream. Besides chemicals, even fragrances can be easily absorbed by the vulvar membrane and cause irritation.

2. Organic Pads Are Breathable & Feather-Light
Organic pads let the skin breathe whilst absorbing the liquid quickly courtesy of their super soft and porous texture. The all-natural material also reduces the risk of allergies and infections. With synthetic pads, amid the period days, the moisture and period residue accumulates which can cause rashes, skin irritation, possible infections, and a general feeling of discomfort.

3. Organic Pads Provide The Ultimate Comfort
If you’re someone who feels like not wearing a pad at all after a day of heavy flow, simply because it feels so icky and uncomfortable down there, organic pads are made just for you. Organic pads can be worn all day long, are great for all-nighters too without irritating your skin or giving your rashes. Synthetic pads can cause abrasions on the skin very easily and are the primary reason behind those pesky rashes. They also become rather uncomfortable within the first couple of hours of wearing them.

4. Organic Pads Are Good For The Ecosystem Too

Organic pads are not just good for you but also for the environment. According to research conducted by Healthline, synthetic pads may take up over 800 years to fully decompose, compared to organic cotton sanitary products that just take two years, some pads are even completely biodegradable. If we all start using organic pads, the incredible positive impact on the environment would be undeniable. Crops that produce cotton for the organic pads do not require pesticides that kill the native bees, birds, and insects, all the significant beings that form the vital parts of our ecosystem web. Lastly, organic pads also use significantly less natural resources like water and electricity.

5. Why Choose Hi Life Organic Pads?
Our high-quality organic sanitary pads are made from GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes, and other chemicals) 100% organic cotton sourced from Texas. They are extremely soft on the skin and ultra-absorbent for periods. They’re carefully designed to give you the support that you need during your period days and nights, for all kinds of flow: heavy, medium, or low. Lastly, Hi Life organic pads can be bought online from our website also come in biodegradable disposal bags marked with a Red Dot for easy and environment-friendly disposal of the pads.

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