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What do you embrace during your period – Danger or Defense?

It’s a matter of fact that menstruation affects women’s brains and bodies in serious ways.​ ​It is normal for women to experience menstrual pain affecting legs, belly, back, and inner thighs due to muscle contraction in the uterus. The estrogen fluctuations all too often result in mood swings, irritation, anger, oversensitivity, and nervousness.​ ​Besides, the fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen in the brain may give rise to loss of appetite or extremely high appetite during the menstrual cycle. Menstrual migraine is commonly experienced by women during their periods. The variations in the hormonal profile may also cause a spike or drop in blood pressure. Tiredness, fatigue, sleep problems, and painful breasts are some of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

While a lot of these problems are natural and mostly normal, menstruating women are also faced with many difficulties that are ‘less than natural’ yet normalized, many of which are exacerbated by the use of synthetic pads.​ However, with women becoming gradually more aware of their personal hygiene they have started looking for​ ​organic cotton sanitary pads. Feminine hygiene products, including sanitary pads, can impact health in different ways – varying from rashes and itchiness to serious infections and disorders. Synthetic pads, made of plastic-based fibers, contain harmful chemicals like chlorine and artificial fragrances, which are not friendly to the skin. The plastic fibers are not always free of BPA, a chemical that is linked to a plethora of illnesses. ​In the case of ​organic pads​, all the worries of harmful chemicals can be put to rest​. Moreover, plastic traps heat and doesn’t allow for much airflow, increasing the chances of bacterial infections. Additionally, conventional pads may contain high concentrations of dioxins and furans, which have been linked with cancer and disorders like endometriosis.

The way to protect yourself against the much too unnatural problem is to adopt natural, organic, and skin-friendly products such as the ​organic soft pads for periods​. Not only are the biodegradable sanitary pads online ​better for your health, but they are also eco-friendly, and hence better for the planet.

Save yourself to save the world!

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