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Vulvar Cleaning & Vaginal Care

To anatomize, the vagina is the inner canal inside your body; vulva refers to the outer parts around the vagina, including inner and outer labia (vaginal lips) and the tip of the clitoris. ​When you look for the best intimate hygiene, it is always the best to switch to ​vaginal sprays​.

A complex colony of good bacteria helps maintain the ideal pH balance in your vagina and keep your vagina healthy. Vaginal douching, ​intravaginal cleansing with a liquid solution​, does more harm than good. ​There is no scientific evidence to support vaginal steaming and, by the same token, it isn’t a good idea.​ ​Negative practices or a lack of care can disrupt the bacterial balance, increasing the risk of bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and other vaginal problems.

While your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven, which cleans itself with natural secretions, you need to clean your vulva​. When it comes to a body part as sensitive as the vulva, it’s best to stick to natural solutions. ​Use of scented products — whether they’re soaps, washes, gels, or sprays — can irritate the vulva and vagina​. ​Poor personal hygiene, sweaty undergarments, washing or wiping from back to front, switching from anal to vaginal sex without using a new condom, sharing sex toys, can increase susceptibility to bacterial overgrowth ​ .

Intimate care isn’t only worthy of concern when you start experiencing discomfort. Constant care and preventive measures are important to stay clean and healthy, besides feeling fresh and confident. ​It is of note that care should not be limited to washing while bathing. ​ ​It is recommended to cleanse your vulva every time you pass urine or have sex​. With the Hi-Life Intimate Hygiene Spray​, it is not only practicable but highly convenient as well.

Organic cotton is the most breathable material you can cover your vulva with, as opposed to synthetic things​. It is good for absorbing moisture and drying out the dampness. Choose your panties and pads wisely! Check out the Hi-Life​ Organic cotton sanitary Pads​, made of GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton sourced ​from Texas.

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