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The Dynamics of the Aging Process

We often grow up hearing terms such as timeless beauty and ageless skin.  However, the one irony in all these terms is that, despite how much we try, there is no way we can slow down or stop aging. Just as we go through every other phase of life, aging is also a process that leads to senescence. 

As much as youngsters would want to remain young forever, senescence is a process that results in the slowdown of biological processes and the functioning of our vital organs.  Aging is a phase that carries on simultaneously not just in one cell or an organ, but throughout the entire body. 70% of our body weight is water, and 30% of the remaining 30% dry weight of your body is made up of collagen which constitutes our skin, hair, nails, and arteries. If we take care of the water and collagen in our body we can really delay the aging process. By consuming alkaline water and taking collagen boosters will keep us young and healthy for a longer time.  Silica supplements perform the dual job of boosting the collagen and keeping the water alkaline. 

In fact, the detailed study of the aging process is known as Gerontology. Before we understand the process of aging and the science behind it, it is imperative to understand that aging is not just about the decline in the rate of our body’s processes, but is also the study of how every process and injury can lead up to accidental death. 

To assume that aging is the only reason why death happens will be arbitrary. As per the World Health Organization, the clocks of aging start the moment you are born and ends the moment you die. Some of the visible changes that can be noticed with the onset of aging are as follows: 

  • Change in the Nervous Track: One of the most visible changes that are seen while aging is the low receptiveness of the brain to transmit signals due to which there is a decrease in the cognitive abilities. One of the reasons for this is aluminum toxicity in the brain. One of the major components that add to the increase in the level of aluminum is due to cooking from aluminum utensils. With this gradual slowing, the brain starts slowing down as well, and this leads to the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. By adding just a few drops of silica supplement, you can rid of aluminum toxicity from the brain in a month’s time and reduce the risk of early dementia or Alzheimers. 
  • Sudden loss of Supple skin: As kids, we never had to worry about our skin because it was always clear and supple, however, as we age signs such as dullness and wrinkles take over leaving the supple skin behind. The reason for this is when we are young there is enough production of collagen, but as we age, our body starts losing collagen. To keep our skin young and radiant we need to feed our body collagen boosters. 
  • Weak bones and hair: The moment you think about signs of aging, the first thing that comes to mind are weakened bones and hair. As we begin to age, our bones stop absorbing calcium due to a lack of silica mineral in the body.  By using silica supplements you can ensure strong bones. When collagen production is at its peak, we never have to worry about hair breakage, however over the years as collagen reduces our hair starts to break easily. Using collagen as a healthy supplement for hair growth we can keep our hair long and lustrous for longer. 
  • Rise of the Obese: One of the processes that help people in staying fit and lean is digestion. It is natural that as aging starts, the capacity of the body to breakdown complex food sources also decreases.  As a result of this, aging also gives rise to a lot of obesity. 

Since aging is as natural a process as birth is, it is impossible to stop or control it. However, the one thing that we can do is take care of ourselves so that the effect of aging is not as extreme as we make them. 

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