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The Biggest Beauty Trend Of 2021 & What It Means For Our Skin

One of the most unlikely skin-trends that has surprisingly emerged as the winner in the second half of 2020 and is continuing to rule the throne this year, is ‘Skinimalism’. Beauty trends, like fashion trends, usually come into the limelight when more than two prominent designers adopt the trend for their seasonal display on the runway.

However, with the onset of internet culture and social media websites like Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest among others, sometimes trends just emerge out of nowhere. Skinimalism is one such trend. Weirdly enough, with no exact source to pin-point, this new-age beauty trend came into the mainstream when internet users on Pinterest couldn’t stop raving about it on social media. This conversation started early last year when we were all cooped up in our houses. Skinimalism can be broadly defined as embracing the natural, raw skin as it comes combined with a consistent skincare and self-care routine, and lastly, a hint of super-minimal makeup. Clearly, It’s an evolved version of the viral ‘No-Makeup-Makeup-Look’.

For skincare, most people are usually under the impression that more is more–the more products you fill your beauty stash with, the more bright and healthier your skin will look. However, when has an excess of anything benefited us? Excessive, over-the-top skincare regimes can cause compromised skin barriers, open pores, redness, inflammation, irritation, and even acne.

According to Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report, Skinimalism cuts back on maximalist routines in favour of a more minimalist approach. It starts from reducing the number of ingredients that we use on our skin and keeping the ones that really work and ends with wearing less foundation to allow the skin to breathe and shine in its true glory.

So, why is this trend so desirable?
Amid the coronavirus pandemic last year, all our plans were halted and we were all stuck at home. This is when we started to experience a new way of life. We ditched formal pants, makeup, and even heels for comfort wear and rejuvenating skincare. Turns out, more people preferred this lifestyle and did not want to go back to their old ways. In the second half of the year, when things started opening up, and people were finally stepping out, we were still wearing masks. It didn’t make sense to wear makeup anyway underneath the mask. In fact, makeup could even ruin the mask and make it unusable. These struggles had a role in promoting this trend for sure.

How does one practice Skinimalism?
By mindfully curating products that will consist of your skincare routine. You can start with avoiding buying two moisturisers—and stick to only one product that works. Knowledge of various multitasking products available out there can also help. These have more than one active ingredient, and with the right ratios, can really work for the skin. Sometimes, using multiple products can be counter-productive. Some ingredients actively cancel out one another; others practically do the same job, and then there are blends that work well with each other in a combination formula.

Moreover, a skincare routine that has over 15 products and multiple steps is also bad for the environment. Imagine the sheer amount of carbon footprint being emitted for products that may not even be working on your skin. Instead, it is better to take it back to basics—or to ‘skinimise’ your stash.

Here’s an ideal skincare routine that would be in line with Skinimalism. Start with a consistent round of CTM (also known as cleansing, toning and, moisturising) twice a day. Once when you wake up and once before you hit the bed. You need a good facial cleanser to start this routine. Opt for a cleanser that suits your skin’s needs perfectly. If you’re wearing makeup, you can even double cleanse with a toner, which is anyway the second step of the routine. It is advisable that you steer clear of makeup wipes as they only spread all the makeup residue evenly across the skin instead of taking it off. Lastly, complete the routine with a moisturiser that hydrates and boosts cell growth.

Once you’ve got your basics covered, you need three more things. You need a smart SPF for every time you step out of the house in the sun, a skin serum that enhances your skin which you can use every alternate day, think Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E to name a few.

Lastly, a skin supplement that doesn’t just work for your skin but also for your body to make this process wholesome in every regard. We recommend the Hi-Life advanced collagen boosting Silica drops. These drops are made of a uniquely potent formula that is highly concentrated, ionized and is 100% bioavailable in nature. In fact, a few drops with your water or any other drink can prove to be a one-stop solution for enhancing your skin from within. Silica is known to boost cell growth and collagen which, in turn, halts the aging process as well. Lastly, it also helps make your hair radiant and shiny, keeps your nails from becoming brittle, and strengthens your bones.

With just a few products, you get a skincare routine that works wonders for your skin and your body as well, what’s not to like here?

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