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Signs of Dehydrated Skin

Skin which is the largest organ of the human body often faces the brunt of all our actions. The first thing that anyone sees is our outer appearance which thereby reflects the importance of having flawless natural and beautiful skin. 

Despite drinking lots of water, and ensuring that you eat right, do you always feel that your skin is dry, patchy, and itchy? Reasons for dehydrated skin can be plenty, starting from pollution to not eating the right food. But, how do you actually tell whether you are experiencing skin dehydration? One of the most common reasons for dehydrated skin is due to drinking acidic water which is deprived of minerals. It is very essential to drink alkaline water which is mineral-enriched to keep your skin hydrated at all times.  One drop of silica supplement in your glass of water will convert it into alkaline water and slow down the skin dehydration process. 

Let us take a closer look at some of the earliest signs of skin dehydration. 

Dull Skin: Who does not wish to have that bright and supple skin? However, one of the first signs that show dehydration is when the paleness creeps in and the bright skin fades out. When you reduce your water intake, your dead skin cells will get predominant and this will result in the overall dullness.  Adding a few drops of ionized silica supplements to your glass of water can help hydrate the skin along with removing the toxins and acting as a collagen booster.

Heightened skin sensitivity: The defense mechanism of skin is by far the most complex yet beautiful. Due to dehydration, the first toll that takes place is the toll on the quality of the skin defense against all infections and external components. This natural decay of skin defense is one of the reasons why our skin gets overly sensitive and can get affected by almost any product that we use. One visible way of reducing this is by using the Hi Life silica supplements which not only boost collagen but also hydrates the skin.  

The sudden burst of wrinkles and fine lines: We all tend to assume that if there is a sudden appearance of wrinkles it is a sign of aging. What we tend to forget is, that it could also be a sign of skin dehydration or due to the lack of collagen formation. When the water retention of our skin reduces, one of the first things that happen is that it becomes wrinkled and a lot of fine lines appear all throughout our skin. Adding silica drops will ensure that your skin remains hydrated with ample collagen formation. 

Constant itchy skin: Just like in the case of fruits, when dehydration occurs, the fruits tend to get all patchy and dry. It is the same case with our skin as well. The moment your skin starts feeling constantly itchy and flaky, it means that your skin is dehydrated. 

So, now we all understand that skin dehydration can result in the dullness of skin that can take away all the brightness. One of the easiest ways to hydrate your skin to beauty will be to drink lots of alkaline water. Take extreme care of your diet and ensure that you follow all the steps to keep your skin toned, supple and hydrated at all times. 

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