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Sex up your intimate moments with happy V

Our vibrancy and exuberance add a very strong dimension to our sex appeal and appetite. We are most alive when we connect with creativity, vitality, and playfulness. We cannot immerse ourselves at the moment when we are anxious or fearful. In the well-founded opinion of a contemporary psychotherapist, the poetics of sexuality are more important than the mechanics. Quite undisputedly, a sense of wonder is crucial to experiencing excitement and pleasure of any and all kinds. Rightly, curiosity and play are key aspects of ‘erotic happiness’. It is ever so vital for us to feel ‘sexually free’ to be able to express ourselves fully in our most intimate moments. For a woman, this means many different things.​ As a woman, it becomes very important to take care of your ​intimate hygiene​ so that you can​ do much ‘more than kicking up a stink’.

Your vagina is home to billions of bacteria, the precise makeup of which keeps changing. Naturally, a healthy vagina smells like different things. Your menstrual cycle, your hygiene habits, and/or you being you may result in the variations. Further, the groin has a collection of sweat glands, plainly your vagina isn’t odorless! ​To keep the vaginal odor at bay it is better if you use the​ intimate hygiene spray​.​ It must be underlined, as negative feelings about vaginal odor can lead to difficulties with self-esteem and sexuality. As is established, not only sex is beneficial for its physiological or hedonic effects, but it also promotes a stronger and more positive connection with one’s own self and the other. In a conclusive finding, individuals experience higher levels of well-being when they have a satisfying sex life.

It should be noted that the way your vagina smells has a lot to do with its pH. ​Using ​natural intimate hygiene products​ helps maintain the pH level of the intimate areas​. And there are a great many things that affect your pH. It’s very common for the vagina to give off a tangy or sour smell. It’s not usually a sign of a serious health condition. But if it is severe and impacts your well-being, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor.

Then again, it is all-important to maintain good personal hygiene. It keeps your vagina clean and infection-free. An overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria in the vagina may cause bacterial vaginosis.

Embrace naturally effective ways to keep your vagina happy and healthy. Equally important, don’t sweat the small stuff! When you are stressed, your apocrine glands go into overdrive. ​So, go ahead and ​buy intimate hygiene spray online​, to keep alive your sexual drive!

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