Feminine Hygiene Care

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    Rash-free Period Pad made with 100% organic cotton for Normal-Sensitive Skin sourced from Texas. 400% absorbency soft pads thoughtfully designed to support you for Overnight & Heavy Flow. Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Sanitary Napkins with Disposable Bags.

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    FDA Approved. Sourced from Texas. Multilayered. Imported Cotton. Super-Soft. Wings for Protection. Against Leakage, Rashes & Discharge.

    Hi Life Organic Panty Liners are one-of-a-kind as they come with wings. The cotton is organic and sourced from Texas. The micro-perforated bottom makes for a breathable bottom. It also has Airlaid technology that locks in all the moisture to keep you fresh all day long.

    It is designed explicitly to be worn daily and, therefore, made feather-soft and ultra-thin to make it feel like you are not wearing a panty liner at all. What’s more, it’s Biodegradable.

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    Making sure you get the right intimate care —the easy way World’s first premium Intimate Hygiene Spray, Enriched with Aqua & Zinc Gluconate. Prevents you from Vaginal Itching, Irritation, Dryness, Fungal Infections, Bad Odour and Rashes. 100% Alcohol-free, single application lasts for more than 10hrs & 100% freshness. Can be used during periods.

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