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Is Your Skin Dehydrated? Do You Want A Skincare Solution That Will Work? Here are your options!


We all have days when your skin just doesn’t feel right. It appears dry and flaky to the touch, your natural glow missing, appears dull, with fine lines and wrinkles very visible. If this sounds like the condition of your skin, it could be dehydrated.

What is dehydrated skin?

In simple terms, when your skin lacks moisture, it becomes dehydrated. It’s triggered by various outside factors such as atmospheric condition, age, unhealthy lifestyle choices, etc. All these deplete your body’s water content making your skin look dull and lifeless; it compromises your skin’s natural barrier, making you vulnerable to sensitivity & itchiness.

To understand dehydrated skin, we must know to differentiate it from dry skin. We can say that dehydrated skin is caused by insufficiency of water and is triggered by external influences, while dry skin is caused by a lack of sebum or natural oils and is a genetic condition. Dry skin can also suffer from dehydration. These are the crucial differences between them. To help you identify dehydrated skin better, look for these four key signs.

4 Signs of dehydrated skin

Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is mainly caused by environmental factors; it happens when extreme temperature changes cause your skin’s outer layer to lose moisture rapidly, resulting in tight & stretched skin. As an after-effect, skin starts to itch and flake, albeit the extent of oil present on the skin’s surface.


The skin needs water only when it is suitably hydrated it can perform essential functions like replacing old cells with newer younger cells and with shedding those old cells. This helps skin look bright & healthy. When your hydration level drops, it causes the build-up of dead cells, clogged pores & dullness.

Sensitive skin

When the skin’s moisture content dips, it loses its essential protective barrier, making you vulnerable to bacteria, pollutants & other external factors. This stresses out skin & increases its sensitivity, consequently aggravating existing symptoms like itchiness, redness & irritation.

The appearance of fine lines

Dehydrated skin, if the problem persists can potentially cause you to look aged. This is mainly because when you lack moisture, temporary fine lines appear on the surface of the skin known as dehydration lines. A good way to test your hydration levels is to pinch yourself, if fine lines appear, you can conclude that you’re dehydrated. 

How to fix dehydrated skin

The 3 basic steps to rehydration and healthy skin are water, sleep, and a healthy diet. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water can make all the difference between hydrated youthful skin & dehydrated dull skin. Similarly, ensure that you get enough rest and sleep, a minimum of 6 hours daily. Apart from this, eat a balanced healthy diet rich in anti-oxidants, water-rich fruits & vegetables & vitamins & minerals. Once you ensure that you’re following these 3 mantras, then you can move on to fixing your skincare routine.

Wash your face

The best way to tackle dehydrated skin is to wash your face. This gives it an essential hydrating boost and also helps you stay fresh & clean. For best results, wash your face with lukewarm water with a gentle cleanser.

Avoid these ingredients

Some ingredients in your skin-care products can make you lose moisture faster, for instance, fragrance, alcohol, AHA & Retinoid, avoid these constituents. Conversely, ingredients like aloe, honey, glycerine, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, etc. works to hydrate skin, choose such products.

Use a Serum

It might come as a surprise for some of you, but hydration & moisturizing are completely 2 different things and for hydration, it’s best to use a serum. Serums help repair the dehydrated, compromised barrier layer of the skin by penetrating it more efficiently. It helps heal & hydrate the skin. Choose a serum with hyaluronic acid, it’s the best constituent for treating dehydrated skin.

Amp up the moisturizer

Moisturizers trap existing hydration & protect your skin against moisture loss. So apply a moisturizer immediately after the serum to seal in all those good ingredients & moisture. It will help you achieve glowing, healthy skin.

Prevent it from the inside

Sometimes, anti-ageing collagen supplements are your best bet for healthy & glowing skin. Incorporate a good supplement into your diet for best results. A Silica-based supplement is a good choice. It is known to help skin retain moisture, giving it that extra elasticity & bounce & helps it stay healthy & hydrated. Apart from that, it helps in crucial collagen production, increasing immunity & healthy hair & nails. It is also a good carrier of oxygen, giving you a natural glow & has anti-ageing properties.

Try our silica supplement, Silica Drops– Advanced Collagen Booster. Our silica supplement is a mineral supplement, highly concentrated, ionized, 100% bioavailable solution. It’s got the better of Silica along with Sodium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, and Lithium. It can simply be added to your beverage, smoothie, or glass of water. The suggested dose is 20 drops a day


We all have bad skin days, the best way to tackle it, is to not let it get to you & do what you can with what you have. Dehydrated skin is not the end of the world, just learn to deal with it the best you can.

To reiterate, drink lots of water, sleep well, eat healthily & take a good supplement – Our Silica Drops– Advanced Collagen Booster can help. Similarly, choose your products wisely & understand your needs and that can make all the difference in the world.

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