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Hygiene Habits for the woman on the GO!

Women of the 21st century are always on the move, and hey there is nothing wrong with that too! The women of today are fabulously outgoing and be it for work or for holidays, they love being on the go. There are no more qualms and beliefs that only men have the right to go out and explore. However, no matter how progressive we get, there are certain things that we need to take care of. 

No matter what the mode of travel may be, as women, we need to take a few additional steps to ensure our personal hygiene and safety. Now, don’t start hesitating and putting your plans on hold, because with these few steps you can continue to live life hesitance free and in style. 

  • Be Prepared: When planning a trip everything needs to be in place and sorted. One of the essentials that you need to carry is your very own hygiene kit. This is essential because unfortunately for women you can never make a deal with your periods and ask them to stay away while you travel. Ensure that you carry the basic kit that has an intimate hygiene spray along with other essentials such as organic cotton sanitary pads.
  • Dealing with the frequent loo visits: One of the primary concerns with women while traveling is to find clean and sanitized public restrooms. The danger of contracting UTI’s and other infections get very serious and can put a dent on all your travel plans. To take care of this it will be a wise option to carry the best intimate hygiene spray with you. Using disposable toilet seat covers also can do the trick to minimize the spread of infection. 
  • Clean as you go: No matter how careful you are about the place where you stay, your hygiene and safety lie in your hands alone. While using the towels and bed linen provided at the hotel, make sure that they are sanitized and fresh. If at all there are any issues with the cleanliness of the room, make sure you point it out to the staff. 
  • Change your pads after 4 to 6 hours: In the event that you start chumming while you’re on the go, it is strictly advised that you carry organic rash-free sanitary pads that keep you away from the sweat and the period infections. Along with this, make it a point to change your pad after every 4 to 6 hours, to avoid any discomfort. 
  • Carry the power of the mist: If your travel plans include the sunny and humid beaches, then it is a definite that your intimate areas and underarms are bound to sweat a lot. To ensure that you’re intimate areas stay sweat-free, one can definitely carry alcohol free vaginal sprays with them. This will play a dual role in keeping the sweat away along with the other bacterial vaginal infections. 

It is understandable that with women being constantly on the move, they may be more susceptible to infections and other issues. However, by taking a few additional steps, you can enjoy all your travel plans and stay healthy, safe, and secure. 

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