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How panty liners help in vaginal discharge?

Have you seen a white discharge in your underpants? Well, many of us are familiar with that white discharge in our underpants. Don’t worry dear, it in no way is an indication of an illness. This discharge is absolutely normal and is called vaginal discharge. It is consistently present among women right from their early teenage years, their first period to be more precise and goes until after we reach menopause. However, the amount of discharge and its consistency is something that changes with certain conditions like it becomes very thick and kind of yellow during a yeast infection. 

Some other factors contributing to the same are pregnancy, imbalance in hormones, fluctuations in our menstrual cycle, etc. and it is absolutely necessary to monitor this discharge. By change in its appearance, we mean whether the discharge is heavier or lighter, thick or slimy texture, whether it is clear white in color, somewhat yellow or a shade darker and most importantly, whether it has a pungent odor or not. Keep in mind that the consistency will vary across different stages of your menstrual cycle across the month and will be somewhat thicker when the egg is shed. However, at any point, if this discharge becomes so thick so as to lose its liquid consistency, that’s when you need medical attention. 

Taking care of your vaginal health is very easy and your everyday activities and choices are all it takes. For starters, let us see the choice of clothes. As important as it is to look your best self in beautiful pairs of pants, it is as necessary to let your skin around the vagina breathe. Keeping that in mind, try to wear as soft and loose clothes as you can wear as much as possible especially in the monsoon when the weather is extremely hot and humid. Wearing clean and washed clothes every day also plays an important role here. Another thing to bear in mind is that we should absolutely avoid washing your vaginal skin area except for a washing agent which has the perfect suited pH for your intimate area. 

Most importantly, we should always prefer 100% organic panty liners without added chemicals or scents. Direct contact with such chemicals can have a highly negative impact on our vaginal skin. We should maintain perfect hygiene down there. Every day, we should have a wellness routine for cleaning and taking care of the vaginal discharge. Did you know how well panty liners come in handy to take care of hygiene with respect to vaginal discharge? You can stay fresh, clean and healthy by avoiding any discharge accumulation with the use of panty liners.

Certain habits in your everyday life can go a long way to cater to the same. First of all, being mindful of washing your hands or sanitizing your hands before putting on a panty liner is absolutely essential from a hygiene point of view. Then, you should never wear it inside a wet or damp panty liner. Lastly and most importantly, always carry an extra pair of liners because it is absolutely important that you change your panty liner every 4-6 hours without a delay. Now that we have seen how to put the panty liners on, let us now dive into the benefits and how panty liners help with vaginal discharge

  • Prep for periods: We cannot know for sure the exact date and time of our periods. We can only guess and then be prepared beforehand for it. However, if we start wearing sanitary pads beforehand to prevent any staining due to periods, it becomes very inconvenient and even causes some wastage of money. However, if one, on the other hand, wears panty liners, it is much more convenient being a lot smaller and thinner. Panty liners thus come in very handy to prevent any pre and post period stains.
  • Leakages of the bladder: Certain women often under distinct medical circumstances tend to lose control of their bladder that leads to their underpants getting wet and damp. There’s a perfect way to avoid any infections from such leakages and that is by wearing panty liners. They have excellent absorption and can be changed when they need to be, a perfect solution to involuntary conditions such as this, isn’t it?!
  • Camel toe: When we wear tights or jeans or any slightly fitted pair of pants, we often see that the skin from our intimate area sticks to our pants or bottoms. This causes an appearance of what is commonly known as camel toe, making many of us feel uncomfortable in terms of appearance as well as in terms of the discomfort we experience. Wearing panty liners can help us with camel toes and absolutely do away with camel toes.
  • Postpartum flow: New mothers often have leakages that they need to take care of. Wearing panty liners at all times can perfectly help them take care of this as they can change it regularly and voila, healthy and fresh they can be all day!
  • Leakages during periods: When we wear tampons and menstrual cups, there can be leakages when we don’t change or empty them too often. However, if we wear panty liners, we can very easily avoid such stains.

We understand your requirements and so we bring to you the best, 100% organic cotton panty liners by Hi Life that have wings just like sanitary pads that facilitate proper placement, avoid any leakages. They are super thin with wonderful absorption making them one of the best options available in the market.  Their bottom is the micro-perforated bottom which is made of air-laid technology which makes it absolutely breathable for your skin. It facilitates locking in all the moisture that makes you feel fresh all day long.

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