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Hi Life Influencers Meet 2020

The little big soirée brought together many champions of change and excellence. Manika Sheokand, Femina Miss India Haryana 2020, invigorated the evening with her radiant presence and approbation of Hi Life’s vision & ways to its actualisation. She worked the room, like a charm; the host and attendees couldn’t have been more pleased. Sanjiv Nischal, founder and CEO of Hi Life, who is a crusader for high living and is working to make it accessible to women differently, took centre stage as he poured his heart out and made plain his concerns, compassion and work for serving women the world over. He was joined by speaker and life coach Sonali Gupta, who also shared her personal experience and usefulness of the technology shaped and supplied by Hi Life. She underscored the significance for each woman to establish a healthy partnership with her body, toss out the things that hurt more than they help, and make informed choices for her overall health every single day. Side by side, they revealed insights into the technological breakthroughs in intimate hygiene & menstrual care, also many-in-one wonder Hi Life Silica Drops. Hi Life’s co-founder, best identified as its backbone, Sakshi Nischal, raised all spirits with her characteristic warmth, understanding and generosity. Her unparalleled attention to detail and zeal to serve have been guiding Hi Life since its conceptualisation.

The attendees got to explore, experience, scrutinize & investigate the initial range of luxury essentials by Hi Life, which includes Organic Period Pads, Intimate Hygiene Spray, Silica Drops, and Multi-layered Protective Masks. Needless to say, Team Hi Life wasn’t surprised at the sight of true-blue converts. The atmosphere was infused with an overwhelmingly positive response, and good cheer! Sanjiv Nischal, heartened to observe the effect, hoped for the word to reach all women whose lives he is trying to make better and more comfortable, through the who’s who of influencer support present at the event – Fashion Designer Amit Talwar, Makeup Artist Meenakshi Dutt, Makeup Artist Guru, Anchor Zoafshen Qureshi, Makeup Artist Mandy, Fashion Designer Tanima Khosla, Anchor Piya Sharma, Makeup Artist Tripti Rastogi, Makeup Artist Shivangi Dutt, and Image Consultant Bhavna Singh – trusted advocates of reliable undertakings. The founders, Mrs. & Mr. Nischal, presented each guest with a package of Hi Life products, beaming with gratitude. “We are deeply appreciative of the enthusiasm and support of everyone present, the sparkling company of Manika Sheokand, and the work of our team, without any of which the event would not have met with success”, they effused. All in attendance shared many lighthearted moments and
laughs over wine-and-cheese.

The evening of immense consequence, and celebration, would not have been made possible without the special efforts of Shalini Kaushik, the multifaceted Sales and Network Head of Hi Life.

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