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Health Hazards of Using Synthetic Sanitary Pads

On average, a woman goes through menstruation almost every month for 35 years and uses 350 packs of sanitary pads in her lifetime. A woman’s period story, especially in India, is fraught with difficulties and problems, varying from minor to serious. Outside of the burden of stigma around menstruation, women hygiene products for women, including sanitary pads, can impact their health in a large number of ways: rashes, itchiness, major infections and long-term health disorders. 

Synthetic pads often contain harmful chemicals, use artificial fragrances along with plastic-based fibres that are not friendly to the skin and have deleterious effects on reproductive health. Rather than using the harmful synthetic pads, women should switch to organic cotton sanitary pads.    Due to the lack of awareness about the materials that go in their pads and their potential side-effects, women suffer and all too often they suffer in silence. In the search for the best sanitary pads for heavy flow, they often forget to think about their safety and hygiene.  

Conventional sanitary pads contain high concentrations of dioxins and furans. Dioxin, labelled as a pollutant and carcinogen by the WHO, is a chemical used to bleach the cotton and cellulose wood pulp for white color, which then finds its way into your body. Organic pads that are also rash free sanitary pads can be just the solution for women who often ignore the basic intimate essentials.  The vaginal mucous membrane is extremely permeable and the nature of dioxin to get accumulated in your body has the potential to cause cancers like cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. Dioxin is an endocrine disruptor that is also immunosuppressive and can result in reproductive problems. Buying sanitary pads online that are rash free in nature, can help take care of all these serious concerns that women face. 

The plastic fibres used in sanitary napkins contain BPA, linked to a plethora of illnesses. Some of the plastic materials release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are absorbed through the skin. Phthalates, used to give a smooth finish to the sanitary pads, have been shown to cause endocrine disruption. 

At that, plastic traps heat and doesn’t allow for much airflow, which increases wetness and moisture around the vagina, resulting in an increased risk of bacterial and yeast overgrowth. Vaginitis can progress into pelvic inflammatory disease with severe effects.

Additionally, deodorants and artificial fragrances added to the pads can interfere with the embryonic development. With more women getting aware of all these aspects, they have started to look for alternatives like cotton pads for periods that are biodegradable sanitary pads and can be bought online. 

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