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Do collagen boosters really work?

For our skin to remain healthy and perform at its best, all it needs is collagen every day.

There is not one expert who would not stress upon the importance of the need for collagen for our skin, hair and overall for our body. But what is it about collagen that has made it such a rage? Is it really what people call the fountain of youth or just a hoax to fool people around? We often see people around us running their hands deep to trace their wrinkles and fine lines. 

Winters and dryness are two important enemies to watch out for as they only exacerbate these and our mental troubles further. We often see women in their 30s, even the ones in their early 30s being worried about the aging of their skin too early when they see these fine lines etching deeper and deeper into their skin. Expensive facial treatments, creams and other products are okay for short run but in the long run, we need something more permanent, something that actually makes a difference. We essentially need what is known as an inside out approach. 

Collagen is THE INSIDE OUT treatment that helps look after early signs of aging skin and also for dull and tired skin. Research has been conducted to record if any impact was there due to the consumption of collagen and the results have been promising! Some of them included reduction of acne, thicker nails, nails were witnessed, lesser knee and other joint pains as well as much lesser hair fall. It was observed that the best collagen booster for skin was the improvement of dull and patchy skin and the reduction of fine lines. 

The collagen that is available for the consumers is hydrolyzed, that is, it is broken into smaller components that make its consumption absolutely easy to consume and for the body to properly absorb. Let us look at these benefits of this magic potion, one benefit at a time:

  • Dreamy Improvement In Skin Health: Collagen is an important component for healthy skin. Its roles range from kin strengthening to maintaining hydration as well as elasticity. Over the years, as we age, our body is not able to produce as much collagen as required. This leads to formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Research has shown collagen supplements to dampen the pace of signs of aging by increasing the elasticity of skin. The other benefits of regular consumption of collagen intake are softer skin and much less acne breakouts. 
  • Much Stronger And Longer Hair And Nails: Studies have shown that this supplement for skin, hair, and nails makes the nails thicker, stronger, and much less brittle. Moreover, it enriches our nails and hair from within to make them stronger and stimulating stronger growth. 

Helps Relieve Pains of Joints: Cartilage between our joints as it tends to weaken over the years as we age. This is due to the depletion of collagen which further causes the cartilage to become frail. This makes our cartilage less and less fit to protect our joints. Collagen supplements have been said to do wonders for maintaining the rubber-like cartilage between joints, thereby decreasing joint pain manifolds. .

  • Health Of Your Brain: Thus far, although there have not been any concrete research study recordings to show changes to the health of anyone’s brain, many people have said to have experienced uplifted moods and much less stress and anxiety upon consuming collagen.  
  • Helps To Prevent Bone Loss: Collagen is an important constituent of our bones. It is what helps them gain their structure and as we age, due to depletion in the collagen levels the density of our bones reduces. This makes our bones much weaker and prone to fractures as well. Taking collagen supplements can help us reduce such risks to our bones greatly in the long run as we age. 
  • Weight loss: Some researchers have found the people taking collagen supplements to believe that they experienced better metabolism while consuming collagen along with weight loss.  

Silica Rich Supplements can go a long way in availing the benefits. Silica is an elixir for healthy skin because silica helps:

  • Boost collagen
  • Support nutrition absorption
  • Maintain a healthy pH balance.

We bring to you the all-round silica protection for your body with Hi Life silica supplement, silica drops. They help with:

  • Boost collagen production
  • Bone mineralization
  • Upkeep of hair & nails
  • Immune response modulation
  • Boosts the elasticity 
  • Prevents excessive dryness and any harm to your skin

Silica works from the inside to support & enhance the beauty and is also a necessary mineral for good health and vitality. As a result, it facilitates nutrient absorption and is essential to good health. As an alkaline agent, it helps maintain a healthy pH balance. After all, beauty goes deeper than skin.

The silica supplement can be consumed in many ways, just keep in mind that the recommended dose is up to 20 drops a day.


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