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Debunking the Menstruation Myths and Misinformation

Ignorance provides the perfect breeding ground for myths and misconceptions. As you would expect, misbeliefs and healthfulness are incongruent. Yet there are many period myths that have been passed down from generation to generation, propagating various false beliefs. Sad to say, the utter bunk and misinformation about menstruation are thick on the ground. Dispelling them is a significant part of a larger conversation, the key to dismantle the associated stigma and make the world a safer place to bleed. Knowing fact from fiction is, at the very least, liberating. Here we are putting the record straight:

Myth: You lose a lot of blood during menstruation

It is easy to believe that you lose a lot of blood during your period, thanks to the blood gushing out of your vagina and terrible cramps. While it may feel like a bloodbath down there, it is of note that it looks more than it is. The common amount of blood flow during the whole duration of menstruation is about 2 to 3 tablespoons. ​For days of heavy flow, it is advised that you use the ​best sanitary pads for heavy flow​. However, certain researchers believe that an average woman loses about 4 tablespoons of blood during her period. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that normal periods and blood flow vary from woman to woman. If you suspect that you have heavy periods, you should see a medical professional for clarity.

Myth: PMS is all in your head

PMS is neither a self-fulfilling prophecy nor a made-up disorder. Far from being a concocted cop-out, it is painfully real with many unpleasant symptoms, including food cravings, irritability, and
fatigue. Research has estimated that PMS afflicts as many as eight out of 10 menstruating​ ​women.

Myth: Period Sex is Unhealthy or Unhygienic

Having sex on your period remains a subject of taboo. The false impression that menstrual blood is somehow unhygienic because it flows out of a vagina is entrenched in the brains of many. In contrast, not only having sex while menstruating is perfectly normal, but it also comes with a number of health benefits.

Exercise your birthright to the right information!

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