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Alkaline Water | The Ultimate Guide

Introduction: Alkaline Water

Claims about how alkaline water is the new hit in the healthcare segment have given alkaline water the much-deserved hype. It also circles around how to use alkaline water, how to go about alkaline water in daily life is too new to us. It aids in the excellent balancing of the pH levels in our bodies, helps with the natural process of aging, and even prevents severe chronic diseases like cancer.

The balance of acid-base levels in our body. It is determined through our bloodstream and most of you must be familiar with what is known as pH (potential of hydrogen). It ranges on a scale of 0-14, 0 being the most acidic to 14 being the most basic and the ideal pH level that is said to be balanced is 7.40 that is of pure water.

Our bodies are conditioned to naturally balance the required pH. It is not only great for our gut health and other internal benefits but also for skincare. It is literally what makes our skin healthy, happy, and glowing! Alkaline water also aids in slowing down the aging process, making the question of how to use alkaline water even more relevant.

All this hype but what is alkaline water? Why is it important to know the importance of this wonder material? Why should we know how to use alkaline water and other such relevant questions? Let us explore answers to each one of our questions one by one. Let us begin with understanding what alkaline water is.

What is Alkaline Water?

We are all familiar with pH levels that determine the potential of hydrogen. It ranges on a scale of 0-14, starting from the most acidic at 0 to the most basic at 14. The basicity is referred to as being alkaline. This is the alkaline in “alkaline water.” It is now pretty obvious that the pH level of alkaline water would be more on the basic side with a pH higher than drinking water.

The pH of the water we drink normally in our day-to-day life is about 7 whereas that of alkaline water is around 8 or 9. This basic tendency of alkaline water is what is said to impart the essential properties for good health. It does so by neutralizing the harmful effects of rising acidity in the body, or so say some advocating the alkaline water.

However, the basic property alone is not sufficient to meet the health goals we meant when we mention the goodness of alkaline water. The presence of essential alkaline minerals is what does the trick. That, when coupled with ORP, the negative oxidation-reduction potential impart alkaline water with its therapeutic benefits.

The negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) gives the alkaline water the ability to act as an antioxidant. Bear in mind the fact that the more negative this value of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) becomes, the stronger of an antioxidant it becomes.

Having discussed and understood the specifics in enough detail about what alkaline water really is, we are sure you have a basic level of understanding, to begin with. Let us now understand deeply whether alkaline water is any good or worth the hype it has gotten over the years.

Alkaline Water: Does it Really Work?

We can say that medical and healthcare professionals along with academically proficient people have had a fairly mixed reaction to alkaline water. Before discussing how to use alkaline water to reap the maximum benefits, it is essential to confirm whether these much-promised benefits even exist.

Different studies have had different kinds of reactions and have given varied results to it. This difference primarily props up from the differences in the kind of studies and certain specifics of each study. While many of them say regular drinking water is the best for the human body, some have demonstrated mind-blowing benefits for certain conditions.

Drinking alkaline water is one of the studies that has shown to laud people with benefits. These participants were suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Regular consumption of alkaline water helped in easing out the symptoms of the above-mentioned problems, making their everyday routines much more comfortable.

Another significant impact of alkaline water that was witnessed is the significant difference in viscosity of the blood of the participants. How is this helpful, you ask? Viscosity is directly related to the ease of flow of blood through your blood vessels. Especially after heavy physical activities, this can help ease the flow of blood.

Another significant finding in a study has shown an excellent benefit of drinking alkaline water on a regular basis. The alkaline water has a pH of 8.8, which is considered to be a fairly basic level. This helps deactivate pepsin which is an enzyme in our body. By doing so it can work wonders for people who suffer from acid reflux problems.

Is it Safe to Use Alkaline Water?

With our discussion so far, we clearly come to understand that alkaline water has much more to offer than it is given credits for. It is almost absolutely harmless and has loads of benefits to offer upon consumption. However, we should always bear in mind that not everything suits every body type.

A very important point to bear in mind is that you should not only test anything before you go on to consume it. This, along with the quantity in which the product is consumed is what marks how efficiently the good works for your body. Along the same lines, consuming more than a safe and prescribed amount of alkaline water can be harmful to your body.

Some of the negative side effects of overconsumption of alkaline water may result in lowering the natural level of pH to more basic than necessary. This can result in the natural gut bacteria being killed. The undesired pathogens that the natural stomach acid lining prevents also get a free passage to pass through. These may eventually enter our bloodstream and harm us a lot in the long run.

Apart from the above-mentioned issue, excessive alkaline levels in our body can also lead to numerous gut-related gastrointestinal problems. Skin irritations are yet another classic example of what can go wrong with your body in case pH levels become too basic. High alkaline levels in the body can further disrupt even the normal pH levels of our body. Metabolic alkalosis is commonly caused as a result of this.

When metabolic alkalosis occurs due to disruption in the pH level in our body. As a result, our body demonstrates numerous symptoms like mental confusion, feeling nauseated often, vomiting among some. Other symptoms are more physical like the twitching of hand muscles, tremors in our hands, or tingling sensations in our face as well as extremities. 

One important point to be noted for metabolic alkalosis is that it can degrade our bone health. It does so by reducing the level of free calcium in our body, causing what is known as hypocalcemia. This is caused by other reasons too.

We have learned enough about alkaline water to understand what it is and how it works. Let us now explore the numerous benefits of alkaline water.

The Potential Benefits of Alkaline Water

The point we have been most waiting for is that what are the benefits of alkaline water and how to use alkaline water in a way to reap the maximum benefits. Beginning with the former question, let us explore how consumption of alkaline water can provide a wide variety of benefits to our body:

The increased energy level in the body: As we discussed above when talking about how to use alkaline water to the fullest, we saw that it is basic in nature. This means that it raises the pH level in our body and higher oxygen level in our body. As a result, it ends up increasing the level of hydrogen in our bodies. This helps raise energy levels in our body by the easier breakdown of particles especially after workouts or heavy physical exercises.

Improved process of digestion: Staying hydrated plays a crucial role in all the major and minor functioning of our body systems. With better hydration comes better body material movement and hence, easier and quicker processes. Since alkaline water helps improve hydration levels in our body, it also aids in improved digestion.

Reduction in loss of tooth and increased strength of bones: Bone density and health can deteriorate over the years as you age. Alkaline water possesses essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. These help with better bone health.

Slowed process of aging: The consumption of alkaline water helps improve the viscosity of our blood. This facilitates easier movement of our blood across our blood vessels and veins while increasingly hydrating our bodies better. Due to better hydration, the aging process of our body is slowed down manifolds.

Slowed process of aging: The consumption of alkaline water helps improve the viscosity of our blood. This facilitates easier movement of our blood across our blood vessels and veins while increasingly hydrating our bodies better. Due to better hydration, the aging process of our body is slowed down manifolds.

Breaking down the cancerous cells in the body: Alkaline water possesses essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, etc which help keep our body fit and decrease deficiencies if any. In doing so, they combat essential harmful substances and mutations in our bodies. Thus, alkaline water works great to reduce cancer cells by breaking them down effectively.

Detoxification of harmful chemicals: Better functioning of bodily systems due to numerous reasons as we have seen so far, most importantly hydration are crucial. It helps eliminate all the wastes from our body completely and regularly. This, hence, helps our body remove all the excess harmful chemicals by promoting a detox.

Balancing the pH level of blood: Highly acidic levels of pH in our body disrupts its overall functioning by causing various problems related to the gut and others. Alkaline water can help balance pH levels by raising the pH level in our blood to improve the overall acidity level of our body.

Helping in losing fatty weight: So far we have discovered numerous benefits of alkaline water for our body. Improved hydration, better metabolism, and digestion are the key factors that contribute to weight loss. Since alkaline water helps in reaching these, it boosts the weight and fat loss process for us.

Keeping the body hydrated: As alkaline water raised the pH level in our body, it ultimately increases the level of hydrogen in our body. As a result, it improves the viscosity of our blood which facilitates its movement across our body far better than we suppose it to. This improves the hydration level of our body.

Improving the glow and health of the skin: Hydrated skin is always the healthiest skin. It is only in the absence of hydration that various issues like excess sebum production occur which contribute to acne and dull skin. Alkaline water deeply hydrates our skin as it hydrates our body. This helps us get healthy, happy, and glowing skin!

Neutralizing unhealthy ions: With the benefits we have so far discussed, alkaline water helps to push negative toxins out of our body. Alkaline water works wonderfully to neutralize unhealthy ions.

How Can You Make Alkaline Water at Home?

Having explored the whereabouts of alkaline water, we now need to assess deeply the important question of how to make alkaline water. How to make alkaline water at home can be addressed simply. So, let us learn how to make alkaline water now, shall we?

  • Baking soda is a very common and important source. Baking soda has a very high pH of around 9 so mix it with water. Just mind the quantity you use so as to not let it harm you. Mix a half tablespoon in about 4 glasses of water. 
  • Lemon in water. Seems bizarre, right? Lemon, however, when gets metabolised in our body has a very basic pH level. Hence, every health expert asks you to drink it first thing in the morning.
  • Supplements are an easy, excellent and one of the most effective ways to address the question of how to make alkaline water. Looking for the best ones out there? We’ve got you covered!

Why is Hilife Silica Drop Best for You?

Silica drop, collagen booster

Hi-Life brings to you the best in class alkaline water. It has a perfectly ideal pH level suited to benefit the human body and is infused with powerful minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. All of these minerals help build stronger bones and other strength in the body. The Hi-Life silica drops also help soothe your gastro-intestinal health and blood health which further helps in the treatment of other chronic ailments like blood pressure and diabetes.


  • What is alkaline water good for?

Alkaline water is good for a number of things and can seriously turn your health around the way you never imagined. For starters, it can help you hydrate deeply and intensely. This further helps in various other functioning aspects of your body like better digestion, better metabolism, balanced pH levels, better looking and healthier skin, and whatnot. It even helps maintain gastrointestinal issues and body acid levels because of course, it balances the pH levels in our body.

What is the best part is that it can even help manage chronic diseases and conditions like blood pressure, diabetes and also slow down the process of aging. Alkaline water has also been shown to fight cancer! All in all, with alkaline water consumption, there’s not much to lose, is there?

  • Can you drink alkaline water every day?

It is a big fat YES! Alkaline water has so many benefits that our daily consumption is not going to harm us. However, quantity is all that matters. If we drink a glass of same every day, that works but if you tell me you are getting a gallon of alkaline water per day, it is inevitable trouble. Moderation is the key, bear it in mind every time you go to consume it.

  • Can you make your own alkaline water?

Absolutely! Alkaline water preparation at home itself is an easy task. There are so many ways to prepare alkaline water right at your home.

-Using baking soda is an excellent starter. We know very well that baking soda is basic in nature and hence, is a great source to prepare alkaline water. 

-This is going to sound bizarre but lemons help too! Although lemons are highly acidic,

  • Is alkaline water bad for kidneys?

Although there are no hard and fast rules or facts to support this, for almost all healthy people alkaline water is deemed completely safe for consumption.

However, for people with chronic kidney ailments and issues or who are taking medications, alkaline water can be harmful. This is because of the variety of minerals it contains.

  • What is the ideal pH level?

The ideal level of pH for our body lies in the range between 7.2 and 7.4. This pH is slightly more on the basic side of the scale as it is ideally the best suited for our bodies to function. Another reason is the harm that acidity causes in our body like acid reflux and other such problems. 

  • When you should not drink alkaline water?

In general, drinking alkaline water is usually considered safe. This is because it contains natural minerals like calcium and magnesium that benefit our bodies. However, the quantity should always be considered in moderation. This is especially true for chemically obtained alkaline water as any external substances being used may prove to be harmful to our health. Also, if you are going through any chronic kidney-related ailments, you should be on the lookout too.

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