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8 Reasons Why Your Body Is Not Feeling Its Younger Self

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they start undergoing both physical and mental changes with respect to age. It may come early for some and late for others but it surely does come. Some of the more outward symptoms that make our appearance more apparent are heavy wrinkles, pronounced laughter, grey hair as well as poor vision.

Some of them are because of genetics and cannot be reversed but a lot of them occur because of certain deficiencies that can make you feel low and weak. One of the foremost deficiencies which can make your body look older is that of collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. 66% of our body is made up of water and the remaining 34% dry weight is collagen. It is found in our bones, muscles, skin, hair, ligaments, arteries as well as tendons. Collagen is essential to provide both strength and structure to our organs as well as body parts.  It has innumerable benefits like reducing dryness and wrinkles, increasing muscle mass, relieving joint pain, strengthening our arteries for improved blood flow, nutrient absorption and retention and preventing bone loss.

However, as we enter our early 30’s the production of collagen starts declining.  This basically happens because with each passing year, our body starts losing collagen. One of the most common symptoms of lack of collagen is sagging of skin. It is also the most obvious sign of ageing which is why you need something which ensures that there isn’t a deficiency of collagen in your body.

Our Silica Collagen booster is considered as one of the best products to help you fight the ageing issues as it prevents you from many common problems that affect you as you age as well as gives you the youthful radiance to enjoy your second innings. If you want to know more about how the product helps, please read below:


Arthritis is a source of acute discomfort that can seriously affect your quality of life and make you more vulnerable to big injuries. When you age the bones start to get weaker bringing with them the dreaded condition of joint pains. If you also feel that you are suffering from the issues of arthritis then going for best collagen supplements for joints can prove to be a good option.


Do you feel pain in your joints? Are you not able to sit for a long time or are facing issues in walking and standing? One of the common problems as we age is that of Osteoporosis which is why you must talk to your doctor to get help. Another way of getting rid of this pain quickly is to buy our Silica collagen booster that offers relief from pain in joints and bones with its highly concentrated ionised solution.

According to medical experts women lose up to 20% of their bone density five to seven years after menopause. This happens because the bones do not have the capacity to absorb calcium. If you have enough Silica in your body the absorption of calcium becomes easier. Measures should be taken to avoid bone degradation and bone growth to control this. Collagen for bones and skin is considered to be the best companion. This is why you must start taking it regularly for strong bones.

3)Alzheimer’s disease

One of the biggest enemies of your bones is the Alzheimer’s disease. It makes your bones hollow and they tend to break easily. If you feel that you are facing continuous pain in your joints then you must shop for our Silica collagen booster. If still you worry about the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in your parent or partner, talk to the doctor to know if it will be okay to buy a collagen booster online or do you need some other prescriptions?

Aluminium is making our brain foggy. Metal toxicity which leads to Alzheimer…

4)Hair fall

As you become old, one of the worse things that you might get introduced to is the issue of hair fall. Excessive hair fall might also lead to baldness. If you feel that you are facing issues with hair, then it is recommended that you must talk to your dermatologist. He can tell you about the best healthy supplements for hair growth. He will also help you buy collagen booster online which is effective so that you can say goodbye to the problem of hair fall.


Around half of older adults suffer from diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is an ever-growing epidemic in the aging communities and an excessively high number of newly diagnosed elderly people are coming out. Diabetes needs a large amount of self-care to keep a close check on blood sugar which is why it can be difficult to treat. Consuming collagen helps you in adding protein to your diet without impacting your bloods sugar levels.

6)Loss of Control

As you age c your chances of suffering from a fall increase. A senior’s chance of falling can be attributed to many causes like eye and ear conditions, bad medication, knee pain,  lack of control on muscles, and walking. It is imperative to take adequate precautions to reduce the chance of falling. It is recommended that you take our silica best collagen booster online for getting optimal nutrient absorption which will prevent loss of control and get you as high functioning as ever.

7)Poor oral health

Poor oral health can lead to loss of teeth, gum, dry mouth, delicate teeth, and bad oral health which can lead to weight loss, malnutrition, hypertension, discomfort, sleep disruption, and communication problems. Normal visits to dentists are as relevant when we grow old as when we are younger. Collagen for bones and skin can prove to be your saviour when fighting issues for teeth. Choose our Silica collagen booster to enjoy a excellent oral health.

8) Heart Problems

It is common knowledge that as we age we are more prone to heart problems with rising blood pressure as well as a more sedentary lifestyle. According to research it has been realized that collagen is helpful in preventing heart problems. Collagen helps provide structure to our arteries which speeds up the transportation of blood from your heart to the rest of the body. Our collagen immunity booster can help you lead a disease free life.


Collagen is considered to be a life-changing supplement that helps you enjoy a fit and healthy life. If you are experiencing hair fall, then healthy supplements for hair growth can help you solve this problem. In the same way, best collagen supplements for joints can help you get strong bones and give you relief from joint pains.

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